The Disgusting Rejected Jackass Forever Stunt That Steve-O Ended Up Performing Anyway

Perhaps this isn’t a shocker, but the stunt involved excrement. And no, it was not of the human variety.

Via a video blog recently posted by the stuntman to YouTube, Steve-O explained, “I bought a T-shirt cannon for ‘Jackass 4’. My idea was to fill it up with dog poop and have someone get shot in the face with it. But the director Jeff Tremaine didn’t think the idea was really clever enough, so it didn’t happen. But then today my buddy from the NELKBoys, Steve WillDoIt, asked if I would film with him for his blog. The NELKBoys are on fire. I wanted to hit a home run, so I pulled out the T-shirt cannon.”

Steve-O went on to explain how he prepared for the stunt, and how he took the doggy doo bomb to the face. You can also check out the detailed aftermath of the stunt via his posted vlog above.

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