Nope Release Date, Cast, And Plot

Details about “Nope” are being kept under wraps, so we’ll have to wait until Peele is ready to reveal more about the upcoming film to find out what we can expect from the plot. We do know that Peele, who is the solo screenwriter for each of his three films, utilizes social commentary within his horror, as we saw with both “Get Out” and “Us.” It’s likely that “Nope” will continue this trend. Which brings us to another confirmed detail: Peele is definitely sticking with the horror genre for “Nope,” as the poster specifically refers to it as “a new terror from the mind of Academy Award winner Jordan Peele.”

Fans have already begun speculating as to what the film could be about. On Reddit, user u/SanderSo47 posted about the film’s new theatrical poster to the Movies subreddit, instigating a lively discussion. 

One user, u/In_My_Own_Image, pointed out that the ominous cloud in the poster looks a lot like another thing one might see in the sky, writing, “Is that a UFO (or at least supposed to evoke that image)?” 

In response to this speculation, user u/Agnes-Varda1992 wrote, “I’m definitely down for a Jordan Peele alien invasion film.”

Aliens or no aliens, we can definitely expect “Nope” to be another original, utterly captivating film.

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