Here’s What The Critics Are Saying About M. Night Shyamalan’s Old

So far, Shyamalan’s latest film has been met with mixed reception from critics. Some were in favor of its pulpy horror, such as Vanity Fair critic Jordan Hoffman, who calls it “very good” in his review, and Los Angeles Times critic Justin Chang, who notes that “‘Old’ grabs you right away, starts losing you at the half-hour mark, pulls you back in with some agreeably bonkers set-pieces, drags you through a tedious closing stretch, and finally leaves you in an oddly charitable mood.” The Atlantic writer David Sims believes this is “[Shyamalan’s] most ambitious work in years, wrapped in the delightful, tawdry packaging of a pulpy thriller.”

However, other critics lost patience with it. “[‘Old’ has] a catchy hook along with some elegant filmmaking gambits,” writes Variety’s Owen Gleiberman, “but instead of developing his premise in an insidious and powerful way, the writer-director just keeps throwing a lot at you.” IndieWire writer David Ehrlich echoes these statements, saying that “Old” is “a silly, well-acted piece of schlock that offers a decent time at the movies instead of the awful one it promised us.”

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