The Truth About How Henry Golding Was Cast In Snake Eyes

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura revealed that there was a “lively debate” between the Paramount producers about reaching out to Golding to star. Lorenzo di Bonaventura explained, “I’ll say accessibility was a really important characteristic that we were looking for with this particular movie. This is an origin story. This is something where [the title character] is supposed to be very vulnerable. And yet, he’s also supposed to have a lot of … I’ll say machismo.”

It turns out that producers were a bit worried about Golding’s “machismo” since he had become famous for starring in a romantic comedy. The “Snake Eyes” producer continued, “He comes out of the romantic-comedy world. We had a list of people. You always put one together … We ended up saying, ‘He’s our first choice. Let’s go to him.'”

As soon as they met with Golding, di Bonaventura and the other producers realized they had made the right choice. He told EW, “He has a lot of physicality, and what I have learned over doing many, many action pictures is you can teach people action if they’re athletic. If they’re not athletic, good luck. You can tell almost by the way somebody walks. Henry had it — and also had the drive to do it, which was important to us because you’re trying to do something with the G.I. Joe franchise which hasn’t been done.”

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