Kevin Feige’s Red Guardian Remarks Have The Internet Buzzing

David Harbour’s Red Guardian is hilarious throughout “Black Widow,” but the way he boasts about fighting Captain America in his glory days definitely raised a few questions. When asked on Twitter about whether Alexei actually fought the legendary American hero, Kevin Feige responded, saying, “Good question.. Although, wasn’t Captain America frozen in ice then?” Perhaps he fought Isaiah Bradley (Carl Lumbly) since we know he also had the super-serum thanks to “The Falcon and The Winter Soldier.”

But Kevin Feige only teased fans further when he was asked if Red Guardian will ever fight Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie), A.K.A. the new Captain America. The Marvel head honcho tweeted “I’d like to see that.. how about you guys?” before tagging both Harbour and Mackie in the tweet. Perhaps Harbour might appear in “Captain America 4,” which will star Mackie as the patriotic superhero. The sequel already is in the works and will be crafted by “The Falcon and The Winter Soldier” showrunner Malcolm Spellman, who’s collaborating on the script for the film with a staff writer on the series, Dalan Musson.

So, clearly Kevin Feige isn’t done with Red Guardian in the MCU… and hopefully, Harbour will reprise his role as this hilarious hero in the future.

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