A Trio Of Teasers Give Us Our First Look At The 4400 Reboot

A trio of teaser trailers for The CW’s “4400” shine a spotlight on three of the series’ characters. The first focuses on Claudette, who appears to have originally vanished (or been abducted) from Earth in the year 1956. The second trailer introduces a man known simply as Reverend, who first disappeared in 1994. Meanwhile, the third and final “4400” teaser turns its attention to Shanice, whose original disappearance seems to have occurred in 2005. The three trailers are all brief, focusing mostly on establishing when each of the characters disappeared, and the trailers all end with the characters’ reactions to finding out that they’ve somehow found themselves in the year 2021.

While the teasers themselves don’t offer much in terms of specific plot details or character interactions, they are effective at setting up the central premise of “4400.” The show’s characters will all, no doubt, process their respective time jumps in their own unique ways as well, and their struggles with adapting to modern society should be able to provide “4400” with plenty of dramatic material in its early episodes.

As of now, the series isn’t set to premiere for another couple of months, which means curious viewers will likely have to wait a bit longer before getting to see any more substantial footage or trailers for the series. While that’s a bit disappointing, the CW’s decision to drop some initial teasers this far ahead of the series’ premiere suggests that the network is already interested in drumming up as much interest in it as possible over the next few months. Whether or not “4400” can manage to be as successful as some of the network’s other notable reboots of recent years, however, remains to be seen.

“4400” premieres Monday, October 25th on The CW.

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