What Michael Emerson Really Thinks About The Ending Of Lost

“People will lead with this,” Michael Emerson said of fans who recognize him from “Lost.” “They’ll say, ‘Oh, I love that show, but I didn’t like the ending.'” On that, Emerson has his own opinion. “I won’t offer to explain it,” he said, “but I’m ready if someone wants it. But it may not satisfy them because they were looking for something neater or more conclusive. You know, something that answered all the questions. But I never thought that. I never wanted that. I just wanted it to come somehow full circle spiritually, and not have the ending be a gimmick or a literal purgatory … it was a purgatory but not in the way people made [it out to be]. It was a lot of things, it was all kinds of things, and that’s why the show was both satisfying and frustrating in equal measure, I think. No easy answers. That’s it, there’s no easy answer.”

Emerson, who won an Emmy for portraying Benjamin Linus on “Lost,” understands the role — and the show’s finale — will forever haunt him and that’s okay with him. “It is the standard by which my work continues to be measured or compared to since then,” Emerson admitted. “It’s a great part, and you can’t predict when a show will be that strong, that popular, and get under people’s skin in that way. I still talk to more people on the street about ‘Lost’ than I probably do about ‘Evil,’ even though ‘Evil’ is more current. ‘Lost’ just never goes away.”

Season 2 of “Evil,” is now streaming on Paramount+, with new episodes airing every Sunday.

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