The American Horror Stories References To Murder House That You Probably Missed

The familiar words “You’re all going to die here” lead us into “Rubber (Wo)man, Part One.” Words originally spoken in “Murder House” by Adelaide (Jamie Brewer) as a warning to the Harmons when they first arrive to the house. Another child of Constance Langdon’s (Jessica Lange) makes immediate contact as well. The red ball that rolls towards Scarlett when she’s in her bedroom belongs to Beauregard Langdon, another innocent victim of the house’s evil. Just like in “Murder House,” some of the first ghosts we see are Troy and Bryan, the two boys who broke into the house and were murdered by Infantata, originally portrayed in “AHS” by late actor Benjamin Woolf.

Infantata (now Shane Carpenter) also comes back for Part Two. He terrorizes the four girls in the basement while they’re being chased by Scarlett in the gimp suit. Finally, Michael (Matt Bomer) tries to convince Troy (Gavin Creel) that he’s seeing ghosts — particularly a man in a pig’s mask. This is a reference to Episode 6 of Season 1, “Piggy Piggy,” when one of Dan Harmon’s (Dylan McDermott) patients recounts his fear of the Pig Man urban legend, who appears in a mirror, like it did for Michael.

The most tongue in cheek of the ghostly callbacks comes from Gladys (Celia Finkelstein). In “Murder House,” Gladys and fellow nursing student Maria were murdered by serial killer R. Franklin. Ruby (Kaia Gerber) kills Gladys, and later, they’re seen joking together, all during the second part of the premiere.

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