Tara Strong Dishes On How She Helped Bring Loki’s Miss Minutes To Life

How did voice actor Tara Strong land on Miss Minutes’s particular voice? “I had tried a few different versions for the audition, and they said to try one with an accent, and they just liked what I did,” she said. “And it’s funny that it wasn’t decided before, because it seems so well-suited to this character, that she’d be saying some pretty scary information, but with this sweet Southern belle voice, it just sort of fell into that pocket very collaboratively while I was working with [director] Kate [Herron].”

Strong also called Miss Minutes “a completely unique new character” and didn’t draw on any one particular inspiration for the role. “When I’m voicing a new character, I don’t think, ‘Oh, this is going to be like Bubbles or this is going to be like Timmy.’ It’s going to be its own entity. And I could make it its own entity. So I don’t confuse it in my head. Because once I create a character, they live up there, and they come down when it’s their turn to play.

“Loki” is streaming on Disney+

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