Netflix Subscribers Are Going Wild For Karen Gillan’s New Assassin Thriller

The fact that “Gunpowder Milkshake” features a majority female cast wielding guns, committing gratuitous violence, and refusing to wear sexy outfits (per Schon Magazine) has those who are on board for the pro-fem role reversal heaping praise upon the film. One Twitter user wrote, “#GunpowderMilkshake is so so so sososo good we’ve got badass feminist assassins, really exciting action sequences, witty banter, an amazing soundtrack, an awesome neo-noir backdrop!!!!!” Another added, “Watching Gunpowder Milkshake which is basically girl power John Wick with an amazing SECRET LIBRARY where you can hide your knives and guns and other contraband inside the books.”

On top of that praise, the romantic ships are sailing on the high seas. For those who don’t know, “shipping” (taken from the word “relationship”) is a common practice where fans imagine two of their favorite fictional characters becoming romantically involved, whether or not it actually happens in the canon of the story (via Vox). So far, the most popular ships are between Michelle Yeoh’s Florence and Carla Gugino’s Madeleine (according to Twitter user @lannistcrdis) and Lena Headey’s Scarlet and Angela Bassett’s Anna May (in the opinion of @mitskidykes, anyhow).

Many Twitter users also applauded Gillan for her turn as Sam in the film. As @RosskoKenison wrote, “#GunpowderMilkshake is an absolute blast. An absolutely cracking two hours that flew by. @karengillan kills it and it’s just worth every minute of your time. It’s filmed beautifully and sounds amazing. God it’s so good! I’m gonna watch it again immediately.” User @NextBestPicture tweeted that Gillan “owns every second of her role as an assassin on the run,” and declared “Gunpowder Milkshake” as “the most badass movie I’ve seen this year so far.”

Although Gillan is clearly the star, there’s quite a lot of Twitter praise for one supporting actor in particular. Tweets from users @crazycrains and @nancywyuen have hundreds of likes, both in praise of Yeoh’s part in the film. A slightly biased (but not incorrect) Gillan fan account @kgupdates insists that “Gunpowder Milkshake” proves that the actor “deserves more leading roles,” while @ericitaliano praises the film as “John Wick’s goofy slapstick cousin.” 

“Gunpowder Milkshake” is now streaming on Netflix and is also playing in select theaters.

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