Loki’s Costume Designer Explains The True Meaning Behind Sylvie’s Broken Horn

The most striking aspect of Slyvie’s costume is the broken horn. Loki is occasionally seen wearing a crown yet, no matter how many ragdoll beatings from the Hulk he takes, his outfit is always in impeccable repair. Not Sylvie; she has spent her whole existence fighting and the broken horn on her headband is the most visible representation of that.

As such, we had to ask Wada the meaning behind it. She told us that the broken horn is “just trying to give her a history of feeling that she was this Mad Max, basically a warrior out there and just with the battle scars and the wounds of jumping through time and fighting this fight. You just wanted to feel that she has been fighting her way through these timelines.” A Mad Max style life indeed, complete with wastelands.

All six episodes of “Loki” Season 1 are available to stream on Disney+.

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