Loki Director Debunks A Major Fan Theory About He Who Remains

“Loki” Season 1 was always filled with intrigue, especially when it came to Sylvie, the Loki variant. A lot of speculation ran rampant about who she actually was. With all the talk about how she could “enchant” anything, most people assumed she was the Marvel character known as Enchantress. Of course, Sophia di Martino put all of those rumors to rest by confirming Sylvie was her own character explicitly created for the show. As it turns out, something similar could be said about He Who Remains.

In the aftermath of the season finale, Kate Herron spoke with Deadline about all things related to the newest big bad in the MCU. The first question she’s asked pertains to the true identity of He Who Remains and whether he’s the live-action version of Immortus. As she put it, “Kang is the variant, but he’s also not technically Immortus. It’s a bit like Sylvie, right? She’s a unique character in relation to our story. He Who Remains is in the comics, but the version in our show was very different. He’s closer to Immortus, but he’s a unique character for our story. But Kang is a variant of that character.”

It sounds a bit confusing, but ultimately, it seems He Who Remains and Immortus will be two separate entities in the MCU. It’s probably for the best. He Who Remains met an untimely end in the Season 1 finale, so the doors remain open for Immortus to show up properly down the line.

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