Game Of Thrones Fans Just Got Huge News From HBO Max

In the same article, THR also reported that “Flea Bottom,” one of the potential live-action spinoffs to “Game of Thrones” that was in the works, has been scrapped by HBO. The project was obviously supposed to be set in Flea Bottom — the slums of King’s Landing — and would have taken place before the events of “Game of Thrones.” According to THR’s sources, the idea was in extremely early development, and HBO never officially confirmed that it was in development. 

Although HBO Max may be working on three animated series set in the world of “Game of Thrones,” fans should be cautious about their expectations as to which will actually air. BO has announced a number of potential series that would be set in the world of the show, but some of those ideas have already been scrapped, and others are still in development. Aside from “House of the Dragon,” only time will tell which “Thrones” series make it to the small screen.

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