The Unexpected Influence Behind The Ending Of Loki Season 1

Sometimes an influence is not so much about what a creative team wants to do, but what they don’t want to do. In the case of He Who Remains giving his explanation of the multiverse, there was a specific franchise that acted as a how-not-to guide, according to Eric Martin. “The obvious concern was that this would all just become the Architect conversation in ‘[The Matrix] Reloaded,'” Martin tweeted. “As such, our project took the code name: A warning not to repeat what was done before us.”

It’s easy to see why Team “Loki” would want to avoid the “Matrix” sequels, in which much of the action and forward momentum is ground to a halt by the long-winded explanation of how the machines calculate and prepare for people like Neo (Keanu Reeves). That’s why, in the midst of the explanation on “Loki,” the action becomes a physical fight over whether or not He Who Remains should be killed.

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