The Miss Minutes Scene From Loki You’ll Never Get To See

Aside from making audiences jump when she swirled into frame in the finale, Miss Minutes was supposed to fight Loki and Sylvie when they arrived in the citadel. How would that work? It’s not clear how Miss Minutes can affect the real world, although we did see Loki try and swat her with a magazine in Episode 2. Director Kate Herron opened up about Tara Strong’s adorable (yet sinister) talking clock to, explaining, “Early on in the scripts, we all were definitely united on, ‘We’ve got to keep Miss Minutes in the story somehow.'”

The director pointed out that she tempts both of the variants with all they’ve ever wanted: “That devil on the shoulder and trying to tempt both Loki and Sylvie.” She added, “It was fun that you got a sense of there’s something a bit more sinister going on here with her.” And it sounds like Miss Minutes was also meant to keep reappearing throughout the finale: “We always had a version where [Loki and Sylvie] kept meeting her at the Citadel. At one point, we had a fight scene with Miss Minutes in the Citadel; we had all kinds of stuff.”

Because much of “Loki” Episode 6 was dedicated to He Who Remains explaining exactly who he is in exposition-heavy monologues, it’s easy to see why Herron and creator Michael Waldron kept the focus on the new villain. With Season 2 on the way, it would be criminal for Miss Minutes to not return, so here’s hoping she finally gets that fight scene in the next batch of episodes.

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