Why Barbara Gordon From Titans Looks So Familiar

In 2016, Savannah Welch suffered a terrible accident. She was hit by a car at a farmer’s market in Texas and lost her right leg above the knee, according to Lone Star Music. It was a very difficult and painful turn of events in Welch’s life, but she remained positive and determined throughout her recovery as she learned to live with her prosthetic leg. Losing her leg changed Welch’s career, and since then, she has used her own experiences, perspective, and advocacy to inform her acting choices. 

Her first role after her accident was on the Navy SEAL drama series “Six,” on History. In the interview with Lone Star, she discussed how, following the accident, she never considered the idea of ending her acting career. “In the hospital, I remember I had a conversation with [my agent] a couple of days in, and she asked me, “Is this [acting] something that you’d still like to pursue?” And I was like, “I don’t know how to not want to do that. That part wasn’t cut off of me.”

For Welch’s appearance on Season 2 of “Six” — some of which was filmed on the first anniversary of her accident, she noted — she played Dawn, a former Marine who lost her leg in an IED explosion. She helps SEAL Alex Caulder (Kyle Schmid) recover psychologically from his own injury when they meet in physical therapy.

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