Carla Gugino Reveals What Surprised Her Most About Gunpowder Milkshake

Gugino says that once she began to find out who else was in the cast, she was eager to take the role of Madeline, the Librarian who actually seems the most interested in books and reading (even if she hides guns inside some of the library’s volumes).

“It was very helpful,” she elaborates. “Lena and Karen were on board. I think Angela, Michelle, and I were all coming on board around the same time. So yeah, there’s no doubt that it was — as we know, everything is in its interpretation. So once I started picturing these women playing these roles, it was sort of like, absolutely, let’s go do this.”

The actress — whose own career stretches from the “Spy Kids” franchise in the early 2000s to superhero epics like 2009’s “Watchmen” to tales of psychological terror like 2017’s “Gerald’s Game” — also suggests that the nature of the movie itself needed the particular cast that director Navot Papushado assembled.

“Navot had a very strong idea of what he wanted it to look like and feel like, and it was always meant to be larger than life,” says Gugino about the film, which takes place in a “John Wick”-esque alternate reality. “But I think what was also key, and I think he chose the right people for it, was that it was imperative that the performances be grounded in a certain kind of humanity and simplicity, so that the world around it can be that big.”

“Gunpowder Milkshake” is streaming now on Netflix.

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