You Won’t Want To Miss Mark Millar’s New Netflix Original Graphic Novel King Of Spies

While there are still plenty of specifics surrounding “King of Spies” that Netflix and Mark Millar are still keeping close to the chest, The Hollywood Reporter was provided with a detailed logline for the graphic novel’s premise.

“King of Spies” is a story about Sir Roland King, who is described as “Britain’s greatest secret agent.” When King is informed that he has only a few months left to live due to an inoperable brain tumor, he decides to leave the world a better place by taking on corrupt power structures that he was unable to act against while in the employ of the government. Beyond that, King will seek to repair trauma caused to those around him in his private life.

In a statement provided to Deadline, Millar explained “We’ve been quietly working on this for a couple of years in-house and we’re all buzzing about it. The spy world was very good to us with Kingsman and a return to the genre had to be something special.” Millar went on to further explain his enthusiasm for the project and to share two promotional images, one from artist Ozguy Yildirim and another from former DC art director Mark Chiarello.

While it sounds like there is still lots for Mark Millar fans to learn about “King of Spies,” the fact that he’s already put years of work into the project should indicate that the graphic novel, and any other subsequent adaptations, aren’t too far away.

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