Everything You Need To Know About The Obamas’ Blackout Love Stories On Netflix

Blackout is set to tell the stories of 12 teens during a power outage in New York City. The official Netflix description of the show says that the blackout is designed to force characters to reveal new parts of themselves. “When the lights go out and people reveal hidden truths, love blossoms, friendships transform, and all possibilities take flight,” the description claims. 

The individual stories include one about a former couple that has to bury their old feuds in order to walk the length of Manhattan and make it back to Brooklyn for a party. In another, two girls search for a lost photograph, and another features two boys trapped on the subway who come are forced to face their feelings.

The series will tackle love from a variety of perspectives across the LGBTQ+ spectrum, using the blackout as a mechanism to force characters into situations that lead them to talk things out in a way they might not otherwise. 

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