The Chris Hemsworth Cameo In Loki Episode 5 You Totally Missed

In the middle of Episode 5, Loki and his newfound group of fellow Lokis are depicted traveling to their underground bunker. As the camera pans from above ground to the hidden lair, a major Easter egg hides in the dirt. Stuck in a jar that read T365 is a miniature Thor, who turns out to be the Toad of Thunder: Throg. 

The tiny — but mighty — amphibian jumps around in the jar, attempting to reach Mjolnir. While he does this, he lets out a few grunts of frustration. And according to “Loki” director Kate Herron (via For All Nerds), these grunts were actually recorded by Chris Hemsworth himself.

Herron clarified that these noises were not recycled from any previous films Hemsworth appeared in, but it was brand new audio the God of Thunder set time aside to do. Fans were hoping to get some sort of cameo from the Australian actor in “Loki,” and this was just the perfect way to do it without having him steal the show. 

Hemsworth will also lend his voice to Thor in the upcoming MCU series, “What If…?,” which is set to debut on Disney+ on August 11.

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