Carla Gugino Reveals All On Her New Film, Her Eclectic Career, And More

There’s five terrific actors headlining “Gunpowder Milkshake,” and none of you have worked with any of the other four until now.

No, which is super crazy because for many of us, we’ve been doing this for so long — I started when I was 13. So it is rare that I go to a set and haven’t worked with one of my fellow actors, at least. What is very cool about this particular group is I think we were all admirers of each other’s work before coming on board. And yet we were all sort of marveling, like, wait a minute, we’ve never been on a set together. How could this be?

I guess maybe it’s a testament to the fact that there were very rarely movies with five main female roles. I love acting with guys, but very often it’s sort of one or two women and five guys or whatever. So absolutely that was a very, very special thing. I think we all registered kind of how cool it was on day one.

Had you known what the rest of the lineup would be when you signed onto the film? Was that a factor in wanting to do it?

For sure. It was very helpful. Lena and Karen were on board. I think Angela, Michelle, and I were all coming on board around the same time. So yeah, there’s no doubt that it was — as we know, everything is in its interpretation. So once I started picturing these women playing these roles, it was sort of like, absolutely, let’s go do this.

Is there an actor, male or female, that is on your bucket list to work with, that you haven’t had a chance to work with yet?

Oh boy, there are. I would say for sure, I would love to work with Mads Mikkelsen, and Brad Pitt. We’ve almost crossed paths, and then we ultimately haven’t worked together. So those are two people I would say I would love. I actually have many more I could list, but yeah.

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