The Bad Batch Episode 11 Ending Explained

On their way back to Ryloth, Gobi Glie and Hera are shot down by Crosshair, who had previously placed a tracker on the ship to keep a watchful eye on them. The shuttle crashes, Imperial forces swarm the area, and the Twi’leks are apprehended — being convicted of treason by Orn Free Taa and Vice Admiral Rampart without so much as a proper trial. Alerted by one of their patrols in the area, Cham and Eleni Syndulla spring into action to rescue their daughter and declare their dissention from the Imperial machine, embracing their rebellious ways once more.

Armed with little weaponry and riding both blurrgs and landspeeders, Cham and his cohorts make quick work of the Imperial turbo tank housing the prisoners and the smattering of speeders surrounding it. They free Hera, Glie, and his allies, taking in Orn Free Taa (who hoped to use Hera’s involvement in Glie’s plot to incriminate Cham and oust him from power), Rampart, Captain Howzer (Dee Bradley Baker), and the rest of their troops. Having spent the bulk of the episode acting as a diplomat rather than someone who fights for the common people, it was refreshing to see the Cham Syndulla of old come out for a spell.

It seems as if the Syndulla family has won the day, but the Empire is not to be underestimated. Things quickly take a turn for the worse, moments after their supposed victory.

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