DC Comics We Want To See Adapted Into TV Series

The Justice Society, DC’s original super team, has appeared on TV more than once already. In fact, they’re a major factor on DC’s current “Stargirl” series. They’ve also been an element of “Legends of Tomorrow” and, before that, “Smallville.” Their position as the DC Universe’s first super team makes them a perfect fit for stories about legacy and tradition in the superhero world. However, they also had lots of great adventures in their own right and could totally carry a series of their own.

A “Justice Society of America” series would work best as a period piece, featuring the elder heroes in their prime. It could be set in World War II, with the team stopping saboteurs and spies as well as supervillains, or it could be set just after the war, as the heroes navigate where they fit into a rapidly changing world. Keep the vintage costumes and low-tech aesthetic intact, and the series would have an aesthetic unlike other superhero projects, giving it a fun, old-school, pulpy feel. Down-to-Earth two-fisted heroes like Wildcat, Hourman, and the Atom would work without special effects, so the show could save that budget for guys like Hawkman, Doctor Fate, and the Spectre. Inject some modern drama into their 1940s setting, and you’d have a really fun show.

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