Paramount Just Dropped The Best News For Fans Of CBS’s Evil

Did you think that the various glorious absurdities “Evil” has thrown at you so far were awesome? According to The Hollywood Reporter, there’s a good chance you haven’t seen anything yet. 

Though “Evil” started its life as a CBS show, its run on Paramount+ has been a massive success, and as such, it has already been picked up for another season … and, in news that should excite fans, the third season will mark the show’s transition to a Paramount+ exclusive. Per Deadline, the show already moved to the streaming service in May, but the ongoing second season was still done with CBS in mind, which means that creators Robert and Michelle King won’t get to fully flex their weirdness muscles until Season 3. 

Win-win scenarios are incredibly rare in this harsh world, but this deal might just prove to be one. “Evil” has been a workhorse for Paramount+, and the streamer is evidently happy to welcome it in its arsenal. Meanwhile, the show’s peculiar combination of absurdity and high-brow pondering about the nature of good and evil should benefit greatly from the looser creative reins that come with the move. 

All in all, the series’ immediate future is now secure, so if you haven’t jumped in the “Evil” train yet, it’s high time to join in. After all, there’s an excellent chance that things are about to get very, very weird. 

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