Director Enrico Casarosa And Producer Andrea Warren Spill Behind-The-Scenes Details About Pixar’s Luca

Italian culture, Italian food, and, of course, the Vespa are all kind of characters in the film themselves. Enrico, what do you hope viewers learn about your culture through this film?

Enrico Casarosa: Yeah, I thought that the important thing was to be specific and authentic and that there’s certainly a love letter to small towns of Italy and the small realities, the blue-collar realities of that world. You can go and still find it, off the beaten track. I feel that at least some of the smaller towns really have this wonderful flavor. So I think there’s so much to go and enjoy there between, of course, the food.

If you ask an Italian where to visit, probably you get a list of the foods you have to try, which I’ve done quite a few times in the last few years. And so we wanted to bring the flavors as much as we could, probably make you want to make that pasta pesto. We want pesto domination in the world! It’s from Genoa, my hometown. It’s my daughter’s favorite, and it’s certainly my favorite sauce.

Even the language, there’s something so fun about bringing the words, as many words as we could, because it’s a beautiful language. Having married here [in the States], my daughter is half Italian, half American, and I speak to her in Italian. So every day, I’m there a little bit, trying to bring some of that identity to her, part of who she is. So it’s wonderful to be able to share that with the world and kind of be like, “Oh, look, the language is beautiful. The place is beautiful. And look at these characters.”

If you could pick out one small detail or moment in the film that really sums up what “Luca” means to you, what would it be?

Enrico Casarosa: That’s a very good question. I will go probably with the moment where Luca and Giulia are in her room, completely geeking out. He’s just learning and learning, and she’s showing him more of the world, and they have this kind of bursting of joy. And the fact that not only are they getting excited about learning all these crazy things, but they see each other, and there’s this sense of like, “I start dancing! Oh, I’m sorry.” But no, it’s okay. And that felt like it encapsulated what a good friendship is, which is, you’re never too much for your best friend.

Do you guys personally believe in sea monsters and that kind of folklore?

Enrico Casarosa: [Laughs] Well, there is so much unknown in the deep, I feel like Uncle Ugo could show us some strange things there in the darkness of the Marianas Trench.

Andrea Warren: I feel like this film is the fun of imagining it, and sometimes it just feels like it is fun to be in a beautiful forest or something, and think, “Hm, I wonder if fairies are going to pop out.” You know? It’s fun to imagine.

“Luca” will be available on Disney+ on June 18.

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