The Loki Scene You Didn’t Know Was Influenced By Toy Story

The first episode of “Loki” includes an emotional scene where the variant Loki gets a look at how his life is supposed to go. He sees his family, his failures, the development of his bond with Thor, and — finally — his death at the hands of Thanos. It’s a sobering moment, one that immediately changes his entire perspective. It was planned early, and was apparently inspired by one of the most memorable scenes from one of the most memorable movies of all time.

“That was a scene that we knew we wanted to happen on day one of the writers’ room,” recalled Waldron. “We cracked that, and we in fact referenced the scene in ‘Toy Story’ where Buzz Lightyear really realizes he is a toy, and he falls, and his arm breaks. And suddenly everything that he thought he was, all the importance that he felt in his life, comes crumbling down. I was thrilled to get to write that scene. I always knew it would be really dramatic. And the way that Kate shot it and Tom performed it, I think it’s really emotional to watch.”

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