The LEGO Batman Sequel You’ll Never Get To See

Speaking with Collider, Chris McKay revealed that a sequel to his 2017 animated film was in the works, with screenwriting team Dan Harmon (co-creator of “Rick and Morty”) and Michael Waldron (head writer of “Loki”) working on the script.

McKay then explained the ideas they had for the followup film, saying, “It was truly epic … both from an action standpoint and from a story standpoint. The structure was ‘Godfather Part 2’ … a story about Batman’s relationship to the Justice League (and Superman) now as well as the formative moments of the Justice League (and Batman’s relationship with Superman) then.”

For fans of the first film, this plot likely sounds both intriguing and fitting for a sequel to “The Lego Batman Movie.” Unfortunately, these plans had to come to a halt due to Universal buying the rights to the ‘LEGO’ franchise (via Collider). The first “Lego Batman” film, as well as “The Lego Movie” and its sequel, were produced by Warner Bros. and were therefore able to pull from any content owned by Warner Bros., including Batman and other DC content. McKay added, “Because LEGO has left Warner Brothers and is now over at Universal, there probably won’t be a LEGO Batman sequel, unfortunately. I am so sorry to say that but I don’t think they’ll be making a LEGO Batman 2.”

Fans of “The Lego Batman Movie” can always revisit the original, alongside “The Lego Movie,” but sadly, thanks to disputes over rights, it doesn’t look like a sequel will arrive any time soon… if ever.

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