The Dark History Of Swamp Thing

The original Swamp Thing, introduced in “House of Secrets #92,” bears only a passing resemblance to the character that would debut in his first ongoing comic a year later. His appearance is similar, but his name is Alex Olsen rather than Alec Holland, and his origin story is very different. Whereas Holland was famously blown up by criminal agents trying to steal his “bio-restorative formula,” Olsen was blown up by his supposed best friend, Damian Ridge, who secretly coveted Olsen’s wife, Linda. With Olsen out of the way, Ridge convinces Linda to marry him, but when she begins to suspect that her new husband is responsible for the death of her first one, Ridge realizes he has to kill her to keep his crime covered up. Just as he’s about to do so, Olsen -– transformed into the Swamp Thing –- bursts in, disarms Ridge, and then proceeds to brutally murder him.

Now, granted, Ridge did mortally would Olsen with explosives, bury his body in the swamp, marry his wife, then try to kill her. He deserves some type of retribution. But it’s unusual for a character who has become associated with the superheroic world of DC Comics to casually kill someone in their first appearance. Nor would it be that character’s last murder. Indeed, “House of Secrets #92” was the start of Swamp Thing’s violent tendencies. 

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