How Tyrese Gibson’s Roman Will Be Different In F9

At an “F9” press event with Tyrese Gibson, the actor noted that his character would be slightly different in the new film. According to Gibson, Roman won’t be snacking, as he is typically seen doing during the movies’ calmer scenes. This is primarily because his character is getting more dialogue than normal. Gibson said Roman talks much more in “F9,” and fans can expect more than wisecracks from the jokester. In addition, he suggested that Roman will have a more dramatic side to him in the sequel, with Gibson noting he doesn’t want to be the punchline guy this time around.

Drawing off his dramatic performances in former films like “Baby Boy” and “Waist Deep,” Gibson went to a deeper place for “F9.” He mentioned that Justin Lin was open and accommodating to his requests regarding a more serious Roman, noting that the director heard him out and gave him what he wanted. Don’t worry, though, Gibson has promised Roman hasn’t lost his sense of humor, and you can expect the laughs to keep on coming.

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