Chris Pratt And Yvonne Strahovski Reveal Their Most Intense Scenes In The Tomorrow War

During the press conference, Chris Pratt said that it was his treacherous sky tumble into the water, in the aforementioned scene, which stood out to him the most: “When we make that jump to 2051 there’s this transition and we fall from the sky in Miami and land in a pool — and so, there was some serious water work that we got to do and that is a lot of fun. We got to jump off of this basically high-dive that we built out of a forklift and jump off into the water and the camera followed us down.”

However, making the jump made up only half of the equation, Pratt noted. After all, when there a lot of people falling in the sky after you, it’s going to cause a pileup somewhere.

“You had stunt people jumping down and landing on top of you, forcing you underwater,” Pratt recalled. “So, that whole sequence, which probably took two or three days [to shoot], was really cool, really fun, really physical. There’s a camera down there, you’re trying to get smashed into the ground, and then come up and struggle into a close-up underwater. It was a lot of fun.”

As if encountering the aliens face to face in “The Tomorrow War” wasn’t bad enough for the protagonists, finding any means necessary to elude them upped the intensity for all those involved in the shoot. For Yvonne Strahovski and Pratt, that meant taking part in a tricky balancing act that amped up their levels of anxiety — and Strahovski had her own insights regarding the intense shoot. 

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