The Mind-Blowing Stunts Ludacris Wants To See In The Fast Franchise’s Future

In an individual “F9” presser with Ludacris that Looper attended, the rapper-slash-actor noted some stunts he’d like to see in the 10th film in the series. For starters, he’d love to see some sort of underwater fight sequence. We wouldn’t put that past director Justin Lin — who’s slated to direct “Fast and Furious 10” and “Fast and Furious 11,” which will close out the franchise (via Deadline) — especially considering what he’s been able to do with other movies in the franchise. 

Ludacris also commented that he would like to see some sort of stunt that involves a bungee jumping fight. We can only imagine the hijinks that could ensure if Roman (Tyrese Gibson) and Tej (Ludacris) were in the midst of a brawl while also in the midst of bungee-jumping — and we know the dialog wouldn’t disappoint.

As far as the locations Ludacris would like to see future “Fast” projects film at, he said he’d love to go to Africa or Australia. Former international filming locations for past “Fast” movies include Iceland, Scotland, London, Spain, Brazil, and Puerto Rico. For now, there’s no insight on where “Fast and Furious 10” — suspected to be split into two films — is going to shoot.

In the meantime, mark your calendars for “F9” to hit theaters on June 25.

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