Godzilla Singular Point Release Date, Characters, And Plot

When student Mei Kamino teams up with engineer Yun Arikawa after a strange song draws them together, the two endeavor to save the world from various kaiju-related catastrophes. Arikawa, who helped construct the mecha Jet Jaguar, fights the beasts on the front lines. Meanwhile, Kamino is in the midst of researching a strange molecule called The Archetype.

As the story unfolds, the main characters learn of some type of universe-ending cataclysm that The Archetype may be the key to averting. They also discover that certain kaiju, mainly Anguirus, may be gaining the ability to see the future. Stuck in a deterministic path, the heroes struggle against all odds to survive, as kaiju and armageddon stand against them. 

This is a fitting, somewhat philosophical, story premise for a new anime in the “Godzilla” franchise. Hopefully, Toho Animation delivers in this upcoming show that is sure to excite kaiju, mecha, and anime fans across the world.

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