Watch The Opening Scene Of Netflix’s Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness

The clip features a fateful military mission that kicks off the cover-up. It’s October 2000, and the U.S. military is intervening in the fictitious Middle Eastern nation of Penamstan, which is ravaged by civil war. A fleet of helicopters is 70 miles from the American base when one of the choppers suddenly puts out a mayday call. They’ve been hit, and they’re going down. A captain in another chopper, leading a unit called the Mad Dogs, radios command and tells them what’s happening, and is ordered to stand by. Refusing to leave his fellow soldiers behind, he disobeys the order and tells the pilot to take the bird down.

Back at command, a shadowy general in dark sunglasses impassively watches live footage of militants attacking the crashed helicopter. They tie a soldier to the back of a vehicle and drag him. Just then, the Mad Dogs’ chopper begins firing on the enemy, which makes the general angry, and he barks at them to stand down. But the Mad Dogs are going in. Once they’re on the ground, they find a soldier who’s wounded but still alive. As they’re tending to him, a militant fires a rocket at them. That’s where the clip ends.

The animation style is highly realistic, and Yugo Kanno’s score makes the action even more tense. We’re looking forward to seeing more of “Infinite Darkness” when it drops on Netflix next month.

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