Axel And Vanessa Are In The Dark Realm In New Van Helsing Episode

The most recent episode of “Van Helsing” — Episode 8, “Deep Trouble” — ends with Axel, Ivory (Jennifer Cheon Garcia), Jack (Nicole Muñoz), and Vanessa’s daughter Violet (Keeya King) splitting up and going their separate ways. While navigating through what once was a mine and is now a theme park based on the Wild West (their truck breaks down, and walking is the only way to continue their trek to Washington, D.C.), the group realizes that sticking together isn’t the smartest idea. Jack and Violet pair up and try to figure out a way out of the mine, while Ivory and Axel veer off in another direction to do the same.

But they don’t get to permanently reunite once they make it out into the open air again. After a vampire and his feral daughter attack the group while they’re inside the mine, they know there’s no way they can put everyone at risk by remaining a foursome. This time, Violet goes off with Axel and Ivory splits away with Jack. “See you in D.C.,” Jack tells Violet before they head off. 

So, how does Axel get to the Dark Realm with Vanessa, who hasn’t been seen in “Van Helsing” since Season 4? That’s what Episode 5 will address. Another promo clip for the new installment shows Axel on his own without Violet, standing in a field and looking incredibly disoriented (via Syfy Wire). First, a fast-moving, shadowy monster with glowing yellow eyes materializes in front of him. Then, Axel finds Vanessa bleeding and choking on the ground. According to the episode’s logline, Axel and Vanessa will uncover “secrets of their past” within the Dark Realm, which should make for a pretty intense episode.

Find out whether those secrets will prove helpful or hurtful when “Van Helsing” Season 5, Episode 9 premieres tonight at 10 PM ET on Syfy.

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