New Little Mermaid Set Photos Have Halle Bailey Fans Buzzing

Photographers were on hand where “The Little Mermaid” is currently filming in Italy after long delays due to COVID-19 quarantines and restrictions (source: The Daily Mail). At long last, we’re getting to see not only Halle Bailey’s Ariel but also her co-star and Prince Eric for the film, Jonah Hauer-King. The pair were spotted on a beach filming what appears to be a recreation of a scene from the original Disney animated film where Ariel has successfully saved Prince Eric from drowning.

While the photos are blurry, we can clearly see Bailey wearing a wetsuit, and, in some shots, a fish tail — likely just practice for the “real thing,” which we’ll hopefully see more of very soon. Some shots show Hauer-King on his back passed out, and in others, you can see the two clearly embracing. It will be interesting to see how closely this version will hew to the original concept of Ariel losing her voice and Prince Eric not knowing anything about her circumstances.

Fans of Bailey are excited to see her as Ariel. On Twitter, @fourstorygarden writes, “She’s going to be so perfect … stunning and incredibly talented I can’t wait to see it.” And user @AMARETTO_BEAUTY responded by saying that “Halle Bailey is more beautiful than the most beautiful woman YOU can think of.” And of course, @ki_thatgirl read many fans’ minds when she tweeted, “Imma need them to make sure her hair looks firetruck red when it’s time.”

We’ll find out more as production continues. “The Little Mermaid” is currently set for a 2022 release.

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