Lucky Charms Has A Rare Special Treat For Marvel Fans

There’s a website you can visit called where Loki Charms is being advertised. In addition to having a cute commercial, the site had an encryption code that first appeared on June 5, giving the first, smartest 1,000 fans a shot to buy Loki Charms early. Everyone else had to wait until June 9 beginning at 11 a.m. ET to order their box for only $4.99.

There are just two problems: one, there were only 3,500 additional boxes being sold, and two, they sold out in seconds. So unless you were either very lucky or in possession of a device that controls time, you probably have no Loki Charms in your bowl right now.

Will there be more Loki Charms in our future? Without a time machine, there’s no way of knowing. But since the cereal was billed as limited edition, we won’t be getting our hopes up — unless “Loki” winds up being Disney+’s biggest hit, of course. In the meantime, if you’re desperate for your “Loki” limited-edition, collectible marshmallow goodness, you can always try to scoop up a box on eBay. Just be ready for it to cost you. At least these exist, unlike the Sugar Snaps from “WandaVision.”

New episodes of “Loki” drop every Wednesday on Disney+.

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