Gossip Girl Reboot Trailer Is Taking Everyone By Surprise

Fans are really into the cast, which features up-and-coming young actors including Emily Alyn Lind, Eli Brown, Whitney Peak, Thomas Doherty, Jordan Alexander, and Tavi Gevinson. “I love that they are trying to shy away from the original and give their own take PLUS this entire cast is SO HOT,” wrote YouTuber Regan Nye. Other fans loved that these characters are way less heteronormative than the original. “THE WAY NO ONE IS STRAIGHT LMAO,” wrote Santiago Giraldo. “Love the fact there are no straight males HAHAHAH yaaaas,” wrote Allan Largiovisol.

The fact that the new “Gossip Girl” is on HBO Max and not on a broadcast network like the original means that the budget is higher and the content can be edgier, which did not go unnoticed by fans. “Oooh this looks high budget,” wrote IT. “Good bye CW lol.”

Many fans noticed a similarity of tone and style to “Elite,” Netflix’s sleek Spanish teen soap, which is itself a descendant of the original “Gossip Girl.” And fans were absolutely losing it over the return of Kristen Bell as the voice of Gossip Girl, who narrates the series. “The SCREECH I let out when I heard Kristen Bell’s voice,” Sergio Vela wrote. “Not me crying of the fact that we will be listening Kristen Bell every episode saying,’ XOXO Gossip Girl… You know you love me,'” wrote Yatziri Gonzalez. “It’s just – adghjskjdhl – Chef’s Kiss.”

All in all, fans were excited that the reboot, which was met with skepticism when it was announced, looks like it will live up to the original without imitating it. “It gave everything the haters said it wouldn’t,” wrote Lillian Josephine.

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