The Loki Easter Egg That Will Delight ’90s Kids

One episode in, and we’ve already seen a ton of jumping around the timeline take place. The first scene of “Loki” Episode 1 featuring Mobius (Owen Wilson) takes place in 1549, while the final scene shows a few TVA agents traveling to 1858. It appears, at some point, Mobius took it upon himself to visit 1996 so he could grab himself a refreshing can of Josta. It’d be easy to assume it’s a fictional soda, much like Pingo Doce featured in 2008’s “The Incredible Hulk,” but for a few short years in the ’90s, it was all too real.

A PepsiCo product, Josta actually holds a distinct place in beverage history as the first energy drink ever mass-produced by a major company (via Snack History). Not only did it possess three times the amount of caffeine as coffee beans, but it also included guaraná, a plant whose seeds contain a very high concentration of caffeine, per CaffeineInformer. Mobius must’ve pulled a triple-shift if he willingly reached for a can of Josta to wake himself up. 

Josta came out when energy drinks still hadn’t caught on with the general public, and in 1999, PepsiCo discontinued the drink. Still, that hasn’t stopped the beverage from developing a loyal following of people who want to bring it back to shelves. Jason Latona is one of those enthusiasts, and he’s gone so far as to campaign for a Josta revival for the last couple of decades (via Daily Dot). As of right now, PepsiCo seems disinterested in bringing it back, but perhaps with some newfound product placement on “Loki,” Josta could follow in the footsteps of Surge and bring the ’90s back to the modern day. 

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