Outer Banks Season 2 Release Date News Has Fans Flipping Out

The “Outer Banks” Season 2 teaser opens with JJ creating a memorial for John B on the bark of a tree, and he, Kiara, and Pope gather to pay tribute to their supposedly dead friend. “To John B,” JJ says, raising a flask. “And to Sarah,” Kiara adds, sharing a sorrowful glance with Pope. Little do they know that lovebirds John B and Sarah are alive and well in the Bahamas, watching the sunset and getting ready for their next adventure. “Back in the G-game, baby,” John B tells Sarah.

But as the rest of the teaser shows, the Pogues’ journey to reunite and find the missing gold won’t be all smooth sailing: There’s a shot of John B and Sarah fleeing from someone in a car chase and jumping off a massive boat, as well as a wild high school party. 

Naturally, fans were thrilled at the news of Season 2’s release date, as well as the teaser trailer that gives them a taste of what’s ahead. “Outer Banks season 2 will probably kill me and bring me back to life again omg I can’t wait,” @L0STLYRICS wrote on Twitter, while the “Chicks in the Office account” tweeted, “WE CAN TASTE OUTER BANKS SEASON 2.”

With this much fan excitement, it’s going to be entertaining to see how “Outer Banks” raises the stakes for the Pogues even further when Season 2 arrives on July 30.

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