God Country Release Date, Cast, And Plot

Written by Donny Cates, the “God Country” comic series follows Emmet Quinlan, a widower suffering from dementia in a West Texas town. His whole existence is turned upside down when a tornado destroys his home, but leads to him coming into possession of a magical sword that restores both his mental health and physical strength. Armed with the sword, Emmet is the only man capable of fighting off the supernatural creatures that have begun invading the place he calls home. Unfortunately, dealing with the threat of new, otherworldly monsters isn’t the only problem Emmet has to deal with — there’s also the powerful cosmic being hellbent on getting the sword back.

Since Cates wrote the screenplay for the adaptation, fans of the original series should feel safe knowing that it will probably stay pretty faithful to its source material. While it may have only run for six issues as well, the “God Country” comic should still contain more than enough conflict and story to fill up the runtime of a feature-length film.

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