Netflix Just Dropped Amazing News For Cowboy Bebop Fans

Netflix’s recent tweet reveals that the soundtrack for its forthcoming “Cowboy Bebop” adaptation will include original music by Yoko Kanno, who worked as the composer of the music in the original anime series. The video accompanying the announcement tweet features the main “Cowboy Bebop” cast in costume as Spike Spiegel (John Cho), Jet Black (Mustafa Shakir), and Faye Valentine (Daniella Pineda), and includes text that reads, “There’s no Bebop without Yoko.”

Additionally, the video is set to “Tank!” — the song that underscores the opening of the original “Cowboy Bebop” anime. The entire soundtrack of “Cowboy Bebop” is, in so many words, famously good. Whereas “Tank!” is jazzy, other works included in the anime’s score span country, metal, opera, and other genres, depending on the demands of a given scene.

In the announcement tweet, Netflix notably lists Kanno as responsible for original music in the video and “creating the soundtrack,” rather than as the show’s sole composer. While there’s no guarantee, then, that every single musical piece in the upcoming series will be a Kanno work, it nevertheless appears that Netflix has secured Kanno in a significant capacity, ensuring that their new version of “Cowboy Bebop” will retain at least one key element that helped make the original series a classic. 

As also detailed in Netflix’s announcement, “Cowboy Bebop” will premiere sometime this fall — likely between September and November or December. A set release date, including a month and a day, should be coming soon.

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