The Flat Earth Documentary Hidden Gem You Can Watch On Netflix

“Behind the Curve” is the story of plenty of fashionable voices inside the Flat Earth motion. A lot of the main target is drawn to aggressive gamer, software program analyst, and YouTuber Mark Sargent and his quest to attract consideration to his perception in a flat Earth.

A lot of the concepts behind this Flat Earth conspiracy concept stem from individuals, with using their eyes, trying in direction of the horizon, and remarking that they merely can’t see a curvature within the Earth. Sargent’s intensive explorations into Flat Earth had been made fashionable via his collection of 2015 movies entitled “Flat Earth Clues.” 

Greater than a examine of Flat Earth, nonetheless, “Behind the Curve” is about that grand, human custom of getting down to show one thing one already believes to be true, and ignoring proof on the contrary. And whereas the documentary reveals a number of Flat Earthers performing experiments which by accident additional show what we already know (that the Earth is spherical), it additionally reveals these conspiracy theorists’ strident lack of ability to just accept the scientific technique they themselves make use of.

If “Behind the Curve” intrigues you, would possibly we suggest a double function with a non-Sargent YouTube video — Folding Concept’s “In Search of a Flat Earth,” a video essay which each makes use of repeated scientific experimentation to show the curvature of the Earth and in addition explores how the Flat Earth motion has transitioned in the previous couple of years in direction of one other conspiracy concept: QAnon. An exploration of the conspiracy concept of Flat Earth is equal elements fascinating and disturbing as a result of it’s an exploration not solely of science, however of the risks of dogmatic perception with out examination, introspection, or proof.

“Behind the Curve” is streaming now in Netflix.

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