How Gates McFadden Actually Feels About This Traditional Star Trek Episode

The Lee Sheldon-penned script for the “Star Trek: The Subsequent Era” episode “Bear in mind Me” is a straightforward thriller with a deep which means. After Dr. Beverly Crusher (Gates MCFadden) has a dialog with a visiting buddy, Physician Dalen Quaice (Invoice Erwin), about shedding family members as you become older, Crusher abruptly discovers that everybody on board the Enterprise is disappearing. Not solely is everybody disappearing, however nobody appears to even bear in mind the misplaced crew members present within the first place however her. It is a pretty, albeit unsettling, little bit of storytelling about what it means to become older and abruptly end up the one one left. What do reminiscences imply once you’re the one one left to recall them? 

“I believed it was a extremely, actually, stunning episode,” McFadden says. She’s not solely keen on the episode, however of 1 particular component — how Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) reacts to Crusher’s concern all through the episode. “Some lady wrote, ‘It is fascinating and great that though [Beverly] was saying, ‘Wait a minute, this entire different group have been right here and these individuals are gone,’ Picard by no means doubted [her]. He at all times believed her, no matter she stated. He would go, ‘No, I feel we’re the one two folks on the ship, however let’s run one other prognosis.” I feel that confirmed how girls have been revered, which was an ideal factor.”

“I considered it as a really sturdy, heroic episode for Crusher, as a result of she was alone,” McFadden says. “And fairly than going into any panic, she was staying very scientific about it. And it by no means actually received talked about, however I believed there was a connection nearly occurring between she and Wesley, that there is two minds. These minds that had been solid, rising collectively once they have been younger, that wasn’t actually handled.”

You could find extra insights from Gates McFadden on her new podcast sequence, “InvestiGates,” through which she speaks with quite a few her fellow “Star Trek” alumni about all the things from childhood and music to the celebrities within the heavens above.

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