The Untold Reality Of Marvel’s Samuel Sterns

Samuel Sterns truly manages to attain a victory that slips freed from most supervillains’ grasp: He creates his personal utopia.

In some unspecified time in the future between the destruction of Middletown in 1988’s “Unbelievable Hulk” #345 and 1992’s “Unbelievable Hulk” #397, Sterns establishes the futuristic metropolis of Freehold in Alberta, Canada, beneath the Columbia ice discipline.  Freehold’s inhabitants consists of scientists, radiation victims, gamma mutates just like the Riot Squad, and others. The Chief’s acknowledged objective is not to violently power the world to capitulate, as you would possibly count on, however to attend for humanity to destroy itself. At that time, the folks of Freehold will emerge to rebuild. 

Whether or not or not Freehold nonetheless exists is unclear. After defending Freehold from a HYDRA assault power, the Hulk seems to kill Sterns in 1992’s “Unbelievable Hulk” #400. Sterns is later revealed to have possessed the type of Omnibus, one of many members of his Riot Squad. Omnibus is exiled from Freehold in 1996’s “Unbelievable Hulk” #442, and it is implied he is killed by a polar bear. The final time we see Freehold is when town is occupied by the alien forces of the Troyjans two years later in “Unbelievable Hulk” #465. 

In Peter David’s farewell difficulty on the title, 1998’s “Unbelievable Hulk” #467, Freehold is destroyed by the Troyjans and their vengeful chief Armageddon in what’s described as a “potential” future. As far as Marvel’s prime continuity has revealed, nonetheless, this has but to happen.

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