Matt Lanter Weighs In On How Jupiter’s Legacy Characters Are Like The Clone Wars’ Jedi Council

On the similarities between George and Anakin, Matt Lanter had quite a lot of ideas. “George is sort of labeled as ‘the world’s best supervillain.’ I believe any good villain has justification and legit justification so far as they see,” he stated. “Even Anakin — I imply, except for killing little children — was justified in what he was doing. He thought he was doing the suitable factor. He thought everybody else round him was corrupt. I believe that the majority of us, as people, wish to be good.”

A few of us are simply higher at appearing on that impulse than others, however George and Anakin do not fall into that class. As Lanter added, “I believe each of those guys, each of those characters — and Wyatt too, from ‘Timeless’ — they do some questionable issues, however I believe the center finally is there. I believe in George’s case in ‘Jupiter’s Legacy,’ I believe he would possibly get labeled by the surface world. He will get labeled. I do not know that he essentially thinks of himself as a villain.”

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